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I am a software developer living in the Czech Republic whose strengths are fast learning, creativity and adaptability. I love working with people who are motivated and open to new ideas.

The beginning

In 2018, I attended a summer camp at the Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic. We had to build a robot that could follow black lines and carry small ping pong balls. We were supposed to have groups of 3 but I was forced to do it alone because my group members were not interested at some point, which didn't stop me and at the end of the camp I got 3rd place in the university competition, only 2 balls short of 1st place. This earned me a certificate that was practically a free ticket to the College of Applied Computer Science. This event motivated me enough to start working on my own projects, and so I did!

First accomplishment

Since I was using Discord a lot, I started working on a lot of bot projects using Node.js RTE. The first bot took me about a year to develop, but it was so complex that if it weren't for some users, it would have been officially approved by Discord itself. After this great success, I started working on other bots. After two years, I realized that I had gotten to a level where I could actually do something on my own, which was really fulfilling. Thus began the journey of languages!

After two years I started learning web development and design, which was pretty easy, so I continued. PHP, C#, Linux, databases, C++ and frameworks like Electron and React followed.

My motivation

I've been a creative person since I was a kid. I've done a lot of things in my life, like playing different musical instruments, going to art school, playing sports, but I just learned the basics and moved on. The one hobby I never stopped enjoying was programming, which I really enjoy even though it can be frustrating.

Because I love exploring, I can't stop working, traveling and discovering new things that excite me.

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